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'Just Jamin

'Jamin is our brand new range of sauces available for you to buy as we bring the taste of the Caribbean to your table!






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We produce a number of sauces  and marinade under the 'Jamin' brand including: 'Rum' Barbecue, Pineapple curry, Mango Chilli, Jerk Marinade and Ginger Chilli. More detail for  each is provided below.



Jamaican Barbecue Sauce (with dark rum)

This is a rich, thick tomato-based Jamaican jerk barbecue sauce based on a ‘time-honored’ family recipe. The Jerk method of cooking was developed over 500 years ago by new inhabitants to the island of Jamaica.These new inhabitants preserved and cooked meats and fish using spices and herbs traditionally used by the native  Arawak Indians.

The method of smoking meat using pimento wood for a long periods introduces a strong smoky flavour to the dishes that provides the authentic jerk taste. Caribbean FLaaVA barbecue sauce has captured this smokey flavour  and combines it  with  a sweet taste perfectly balanced with a hint  of aromatic spices and rum. This sauce is suitable for chicken, pork and fish barbecues as well as for vegetable stir fries.  It is equally tasty on chips, as a dip and/or  can be used as a marinate for your chicken and lamb roast.


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Spicy Pineapple Curry Sauce

This is a blend of the sweet  tropical; flavours of the pineapple with the heat of scotch bonnet peppers. Perfect with lamb, goat and chicken, as a mixture to your stir fries or simply as dip. This is a rich, thick pineapple curry -based Jamaican spicy cooking sauce, based on a traditional Jamaican recipe. Caribbean Flaava’s curry cooking sauce has a pineapple flavour, perfectly balanced with a hint of aromatic spices and dark rum.


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Jerk Marinade

Jerk is a style of cooking native to Jamaica in which meat marinated with a very hot spicy mixture is slow cooked over an open flame to give a smoky flavour.  Our Jerk marinade captures this unique Jamaican seasoning. Pour a jar of our marinade over  your meat. leave for  an hour and  grill. Serve with our barbecue sauce. The Jerk  marinade is fantastic with chicken, lamb, pork and fish (especially mackerel and salmon). Add some to spice up a coconut mixed vegetable curry – yummy!




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Mango and Ginger Chilli

Need to add a bit of heat to your stir fry, sandwiches, fish dishes and stews? Try our Mango and Ginger chilli sauces… you won’t regret it!

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